Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: thanx for the archive
Date: 1991-02-03, 13:44

Thanx to whomever sent over a copy of all the stuff about the
phantom 1.26 episode.

Things got pretty strange in our house Saturday night.
Here in Philadelphia the local ABC station decided to put
Twin Peaks on at 9 pm, rather than 10.  Imagine how someone
(like me) who's heard all about the great 1/26 hoax 
tunes on Saturday at ten for his regular Peaks fix and
sees an honest-to-god Mummer's band (these are local string bands
who look and act like minstrels) strumming away in full
regalia.  Add on top of that the usual news brief stuff about
SCUD missiles and Saddam insanity.  Once hoaxed, twice
shy.  I drank in the possibilities - heck, maybe there really
was a 1/26 show.  Maybe this was the local region telecast 
the net talked about - gophers in the midwest, Mummers out east.
I did not regain complete trust of my senses until I got a 
video-tape of the 2/2 show and watched it.  

1.  Leo's revival was mis-handled.  Other than one cut-away to an
owl hooting, nothing else put that scene in relief - either against
greater evil or greater good.  Only later when Leo meets Earl in the 
woods do such nuances kick in.  

2.  Let's see, BOB knew about Cooper's ordeal in Pittsburgh with
Earl's wife.  Earl probably kills his own wife and committed other
horrors - horrors worthy of BOB.  Now Earl's hanging out in the
woods with BOB and owls.  So's Major Briggs and his buddies.
Gee... does anybody else see any common denominators here?

3.  The Sheriff's sprinkler system sprays or drips water at
very striking moments.  It sprinkles BOB and it drips on 
a picture of Major Brigg's new scars (or was it a different picture?)

4.  I dunno, I like Ben's new personna.  Wasn't Leland this wacked
just before his murderous impulses got the better of him?