Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: 2/2 episode
From: (Ann Hodgins)
Date: 1991-02-04, 07:27

In article <> (Robert Russell) writes:
> >In article <> (Ann Hodgins) writes:
> >
> >As for the lipstick and Lucy, the *funny* pause was just another
> >of those quirky, *amusing* Twin Peaks deals.
> >
> >Geesh!
> >I think that you're just looking for something to gripe about!
> >-Matt Brockman
No, I'm just one of those people who require consistent characterization.
Perhaps it is the only thing I require.  I love the amusing quirks of humanity
as much as anyone but to apply lipstick while a sweet man could be dying of
a heart attack is the act of a psychopath.
If I wanted to complain of petty matters I would have complained about the
improper use of "shined" instead of "shone" in Doc Hayward's speach about
little Nicky. That bugged me!