Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Keaton's direction (was Re: 2/9 *SPOILERS*)
From: tneff@bfmny0.BFM.COM (Tom Neff)
Date: 1991-02-14, 23:18

In article <59847@eerie.acsu.Buffalo.EDU> writes:
> >I felt that [Ed&Norma] was the scene that Keaton did the best; the panning was 
> >useful in showing the isolation of each character.  Visually, it was an 
> >interesting twist.  That said, however, I believe that Keaton *was* guilty of
> >"Look, ma, I can direct."  

In all fairness, inventive directing on TV tends to stick out like a
sore thumb because most TV directing is aggressively bland and
unimaginative.  Stuff you can do with impunity in film causes raised
eyebrows on the tube.

> >                           The scene with the chauffeurs at the bar is a better
> >example of Keaton's gratuitousness.  

Yeah, way too arty.  A rookie mistake.  Bet we don't see it again.