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Subject: Re: Chess and the Seventh Seal (Was: not Was)
From: (Ernst W Mayer)
Date: 1991-02-15, 15:07

In article <>, (elizabeth e. leclair) writes:
[stuff deleted; hopefully not to deleterious effect, unless I'm delirious.]

|>   I don't think this gives good parallels to TP; if it does, things
|>  certainly don't look good for Coop!  WE may be a nut, but he's no
|>  equal to Mr. Reaper himself.  Let's hope Pete pulls that stalemate...

Ahem. That's Mr. Grimm - he is a reaper. (The salmon mousse.)
BTW, let's not discuss whether he is any relation to the Brothers Grimm,
that's a dead subject as far as I'm concerned. It would be a fatal error
not to sist and decease with any discussion of it.

p.s. - why do they call them "the Brothers" Grimm, when they were quite
clearly honkies? After all, no self-respecting Brother would be caught dead
writing tales about fairies... {a :-) here, for you grumpy people}

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