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Subject: Re: horse play
From: (Ernst W Mayer)
Date: 1991-02-15, 15:23

In article <>, writes:
|> Did anyone see Bergman's Seventh Seal?  Is this the one where
|> the protagonist plays chess with death?  Since death has never
|> lost (we all die), Bergman's set up is a bit like Coop vs. WE
|> (`I've never beaten WE').   If I remember this movie properly,
|> the protagonist (a knight (?)), escapes death, or there is some
|> sort of surprise, or double reverse at the end.

The whole scenario is taken from an (apocryphal, perhaps) quote of
Boris Spassky's when, shortly after achieving grand master status
in what was, at that time, record time, he is quoted as saying about
Yankinon Mymete, the great grandmaster from Bratislava, who was
the only man Spassky had never mated (czech-mated, that is):
`I've never beaten Mymete'.

Maybe that's why Spassky always seemed so uptight... 

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