Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Josie/Catherine/Ben...: An idiot's guide?
From: (David Ernest Coufal)
Date: 1991-02-15, 13:58

I don't think anybody has really figured out what's going on here,
including the TP writers, but this is my attempt:

Ben's Angle:
Ben wants the Mill property for his Ghostwood Estates project. He
was plotting with Catherine to torch the mill and blame Josie, but 
this was a ruse. He was actually secretly plotting with _Josie_
to torch the mill and blame _Catherine_ (Catherine being killed
in the blaze). He would then pay Josie off ($5 million?), and
Josie would leave the TP area forever.
HIS GOAL: Setting up the Ghostwood Estates Project.

Josie's angle:
Josie "escaped" from Thomas Eckhardt (her master/owner) with Andrew
Packard's help. Presumably, she used her (considerable) feminine
"wiles" to make Andrew fall in love with her. But, this was all a 
ruse as well. Actually, Eckhardt _ordered_ her to go with Andrew,
to gain control of the valuable Mill property. Josie had her husband 
Andrew killed by Hank in order to own the Packard sawmill. She plotted
with Ben as mentioned above, probably on Eckhardt's orders. She began 
an affair with the local sheriff (Harry) to throw off suspicion for 
the murder. When Jonathon showed up with his message from Eckhardt to
clear out, she collected her money from Ben and took off. Here's where
her role becomes unclear, but the way I see it, she decided to kill
Jonathon and take the money for herself, double-crossing Eckhardt.  
Unfortunately, she had fallen into love with Truman, and so came back
to Twin Peaks.
HER GOAL: Money for Eckhardt

Catherine/Andrew's angle:
Andrew _wasn't_ killed by Josie and was kept in secret by Catherine.
They want to entrap Eckhardt in some way that hasn't been made clear
yet. The only reason they have the Sawmill is incredible luck. Laura's
murder and Ben's subsequent arrest made it possible for them to regain 
the Mill land (although this is not their main goal). Anyway, they
WANT TO TRAP ECKHARDT. This has been their real goal all the time
(even before the mill burned). They knew that Josie was in love with
Harry and that she would come back, and now they will use her to get
what they want from Eckhardt.
THEIR GOAL: Squeeze Eckhardt

Eckhardt's angle:
He sent his favorite mistress, Josie, with Andrew to take over his
property. After she killed Jonathon and went back to Twin Peaks, he
followed her because he's hopelessly in love with her.
HIS GOAL: He used to want the money from the Ghostwood sale, but
          now he just wants Josie back.

Big Question: Since now it seems that either Josie shot Cooper, or
              someone framed Josie in the shooting, how does this
              fit in with all this?

My Theory: Andrew and Catherine framed her. This was their original
           plan for bringing Eckhardt into Twin Peaks. They thought
           that Josie would be arrested for the shooting
           and probably on suspicion for killing Laura Palmer. Eckhardt
           would come, and Andrew would demand something for evidence
           that would clear Josie.   

Of course, this theory changes every episode as we are given new
information (and as the writers make things up).
-- David E. Coufal "One time I removed all the hair from a mouse with Nair-Hair just to see what it looked like. And it looked beautiful." - David K. Lynch