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Subject: Re: loved 2/9 episode
From: dsolomon@jarthur.Claremont.EDU (Daniel Solomon)
Date: 1991-02-15, 13:17

In article <10340005@hplvec.LVLD.HP.COM> collier@hplvec.LVLD.HP.COM (Mark Collier) writes:
> >
> >Okay, I can't stand it any longer. Everyone else out there seems to like and
> >understand Windom Earle's use of the name "Leo-Stein" to refer to Leo. I don't
> >get it. Please explain. What is the significance of this name?

It is an obvious refence to Frankenstein's monster, but it is the movie
monster as opposed to the one in the novel.  I personally think that it is
supposed to be a knock on the monster in YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, especially
because of the whole comic sense of the entire scene.

		- Dan Solomon

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