Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: loved 2/9 episode
Date: 1991-02-15, 16:26

In article <10340005@hplvec.LVLD.HP.COM>, collier@hplvec.LVLD.HP.COM
(Mark Collier) writes:
|> / dvb@emisle.uucp (David Van Beveren) / 10:28 pm  Feb 11, 1991 /
|> > 3. WE is a masochist. How will this figure? How do I know? - When he gave
|> >  the collar to Leo-Stein (I love it!) he took it off of HIMSELF!
|> Okay, I can't stand it any longer. Everyone else out there seems to like and
|> understand Windom Earle's use of the name "Leo-Stein" to refer to
Leo. I don't
|> get it. Please explain. What is the significance of this name?

My poor, confused fellow, let me try to clarify this once and for all:
as most netters probably read in GMPID's press statement of 1/26/91
(which was transcribed and posted to this electronic newsgroup by several
of the subscribers,) General Mills, under license of Lynch/Frost Productions,
Incorporated (hereafter referred to as LFPI,) is adding a new breakfast
cereal to its BooBerry/Count Chocula/FrankenBerry line, based on the
Leo Johnson character from the television show, Twin Peaks. Specifically,
the Leo Johnson character after he begins his recovery from "Drool Mode"
(hereafter referred to as DM,) loosely based on Mary Shelley's novel,
"Frankenstein" (not to be confused with Frank N. Furter - different show,
different newsgroup.) Two possible names for the product were proposed by
GM's New Product Development Staff (hereafter referred to as GMNPDS) -
FrankenLeo and LeoStein (not, repeat, NOT hyphenated.) A polling of a 
random market segment of hyperactive children showed a slight preference
for the latter name, which hence will be used. Look for LeoStein,
initially to be offered with a free snap-together droolcup, in stores
everywhere by mid-april.
Sincerely, Earvin W. Moyers
           General Mills, Public Inquiries Department