Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: RIP Quote File
From: (Charles D. Kincaid)
Date: 1991-02-15, 08:47

In article <2745@autodesk.COM>, robertj@unreal.uucp (Young Rob Jellinghaus) 
> >Well, many people have been asking me for copies of my Twin Peaks quote
> >file, and I am finally forced to confess that I have dropped the ball.
> >Yes, my life has become more interesting than Twin Peaks, and lacking
> >a VCR or friends with whom I can reliably hook up to watch it, I have
> >let Twin Peaks slide in favor of other Saturday activities.
> >
> >Therefore, I am no longer a fit keeper of the Twin Peaks Quote List.  I
> >post here the last version, which is current up through early January,
> >I think.  Anyone who wishes to add quotes to it and in general maintain it
> >is free to do so; I release it into the public domain.
> >
> >Have fun y'all!
> >
    [many excellent quotes deleted]
> >
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	I am volunteering to maintain the quotes list and I will have a 
coffee showdown with anybody that disagrees  :-).
	Many kudos to Rob for doing an amazing job with the quotes list 
in the past I am sad that he is leaving.  (Let's hope it isn't contagious
	I will actually be starting "Twin Quotes", a new file that is,
obviously, the twin of the previous one.  (Unless the name is too much to
take)  I will post the new one and e-mail upon request Rob's to cut
down on bandwith.  Any suggestions for quotes or disagreements and corrections
to the current ones are greatly appreciated.  Obviously, quotes that I 
think are good others will disagree with.  I will use my own judgment
in most places unless there is strong opinion against.  And if I do a poor
job, then you can always lynch me.  (Oooh, baad)  Since it is Friday as I
write this I will post the first edition by Monday (or so).  This will
start from episode 3001.

	Until then.

charles d. kincaid

"I hate quotations.  Tell me what you know."  --  Ralph Waldo Emerson