Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Shelley's reaction ...
From: (David Kosenko)
Date: 1991-02-15, 11:09

In article <2149@novavax.UUCP> hal9000@novavax.UUCP (Computer Science) writes:
> >Why couldn't Shelley have simply crashed through the plastic like Leo
> >did??  I mean, wouldn't that have been the next logical exit after she
> >found the doors were locked?  The moon or whatever was shining through
> >it so it was a visible enough escape route.  Somehow I enjoy the show
> >more when I don't think about these things!!

	She did just that.  WHen she grabbed the knife from the drawer, she
said something to the effect of "I swear I'll kill you!", then ran to the
plastic wall and started slicing it open.  Leo then grabbed her and threw
her to the floor, where the knife slipped out of her hand.  At that point,
he was between her and the opening.  Remember: the doors were locked, which
prevented Bobby from getting in, and he came in through that slit in the
plastic; after being stabbed in the leg, Leo left through the same opening.

	Keep enjoying the show, but pay attention!! ;-)


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