Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 3/28 episode- and "AMERICAN PSYCHO"
Date: 1991-04-02, 13:19

My question: How is it that Coop could sense that Wyndham had been
in the police station, but he could not sense that Wyndham was 
sitting in front of him? Was he having a bad day, or was he just
too busy flirting with Shelly's sister?

BTW- Has anyone read Bret Easton Ellis' AMERICAN PSYCHO? I'm 
almost finished with it, but I thought the net might be interested
in a scene where Patrick Bateman, the main character, is in
a zoo, and he finds himself staring into the eyes of an OWL, 
and in his mind, he becomes that owl. Shades of Peaks....
Maybe the owl just is usually associated with serial killers...

                 Jason Bilsky
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