Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: the constellations are not what they seem
From: (Jon Schmidt)
Date: 1991-04-02, 12:00

	today, while in my MUS APP class I was bored, I'm usually
bored in this class, but I typically doodle.  Today I pondered TP

I came up with several ideas re:  the tatoos
some of them have been mentioned before, but I don't care
 (oh, and pardon my keyboard, several keys are somewhat mischievous)

visual aid --->  /\/\

could be the eyes of an owl
inverted it's a "w" (Wyndham)
could point down between the peaks
could be a volcano
could just be twin peaks
something to do with the Triads (which connects Josie nicely)
radioactivity (which has already been debunked)
fallout shelter (again, debunked)
something related to the Bermuda Triangle (and others)
symbol of strength, triangles are known for this and are often used as
     	supports in stuctures
take 4 of them and they make another triangle, pieces of a puzzle theory
how many clues were given, like the smiling wall (or whatever) and how
  	many have been fulfilled?  tho this is *really* reaching
maybe there's a Grey Lodge (heh)
and an interesting diagram:
                                       /         ,->Audrey->dreamy
            ,->three (triangle)->waltz<->dancing<->Leland-->BOB
owls->trees<--->log lady                         `->midget/

	one must not forget that one lodge is black, the other white,
chesspieces are often made out of wood and one side is black, the
other white, Wyndham being white had a white queen which connotes
puity in a woman, COOP has dak hair, Wyndham is quite grey 

and my pet, however highly improbable:  the shape of the constellation
  Cassiopiea is of a W, maybe Other Wordly Lifeforms came to Earth from
  there, kidnapped people, look like owls and live in the woods

as for Annie, maybe as a nun she was taken by the Cassiopeians and
dropped back in with the tattoo, she didn't know what to do and
freaked, she tried to cut out the tattoo with a knife and kill herself
at the same time, but as she wasn't in complete control of herself,
didn't just kill herself efficiently, thus the scars, thus her leaving
the nunnery (which brings up another possibility, but Shakespeare's
dead, so I won't) etc.

(most of it's farfetched, but so's BOB)
"You got to cry without weeping/Talk without speaking/Scream without raising
 your voice, you know/I took the poison, from the poison stream/Then I floated
 out of here/Singing Ha La La La De Day"  -U2, but it coulda been me  -(C:E   I only bite off heads cuz people don't know me