Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: CANADIAN spoilers (4/4/91 episode)
From: ACPS6410@Ryerson.CA (Nadir U Ahmed)
Date: 1991-04-04, 06:26

- When we last left our heroes, Jones was in the bookhouse.
_ She put perfume on Truman's and her own lips. Truman half awake
  thought it was Josie. Jones tried to strangle Truman but he broke
  free and knocked her out.
- Audrey serves Wheeler breakfast at the Great Northern and Wheeler
  asks Audrey to go on a date with him at sunset
- Jones wishes to see the South African consulate so we here from
  Truman. When Cooper mentioned a certain recipe, Truman got sick
  and went to the men's room
- A bonsai tree from Josie (in reality from WE with a bug planted
  on it so WE can listen in) was put in Harry's office. Gordon Cole
  arrives with a dossier on WE. In the document it said that WE
  worked for the Air Force to investigate UFOs. He also used
  haloparodol (a drug also used by the OAM) to feign sickness).
  Gordon during this sees the bonsai tree and says "BONSAI!" to the
  tree and an irate WE who's listening in gets an earache.
- WE plays a card trick with Leo. The cards have faces pasted on
  them. The cards are:
     Queen of Clubs-    Donna
     Queen of Diamonds- Audrey
     Queen of Spades-   Shelley
     King of Spades-    Agent Cooper
     Queen of Hearts-   blank (it will be Miss Twin Peaks)
                        whoever wins the contest will get killed
                        with Dale Cooper as an observer.
     (Anybody want to tell me why Donna is QC, Shelley QS, and
      Cooper KS?)
- Donna follows her mom, Eileen, to the Great Northern Hotel.
- Mike and Nadine check out of hotel and Mike said the night
  in the honeymoon suite was unbelievable
- Donna asks Audrey if she knows the connection between Ben and
  Eileen who were meeting at that moment. Eileen wanted to
  destroy some letters that could open old wounds and was kept
  at her house for twenty years. They departed before Audrey and
  Donna could find out what Ben and Eileen talked about via the
  secret passage.
- Cooper, Truman, and Gordon go to R&R. Truman goes to men's

  room and got sick after hearing what cuisinary delights
  Gordon said. (That must be some hangover Truman has.). Gordon
  tries to pick up Shelley. Gordon amazingly can hear Shelley talk
  even without the hearing aid (which we must be reminded was on
  full volume).
- Cooper tries to draw the tattoos of the Log Lady and Major
  Briggs together.
                   /    \
                   \    /
              /\    /  \     /\
            /    -<      >-     \
          /         \  /          \
                   /    \
                   \    /
  ( No I don't know how diamonds came from triangles)
- Coop tries to tell Annie a joke about two penguins. The picture
  is recognized as the one in Owl Cave
- Donna reads a San Fransisco postcard from James. His next stop
  is New Mexico. There are flowers for Eileen, no card.
- Audrey looks for book on obedience and bumps into Edward Perkins,
  a poetry teacher who recognizes the Shelley poem sent to SAD
  (Shelley, Audrey, & Donna). The teacher is WE in disguise. (This
  time I recognized him). WE smokes.
- Annie ask about Cooper from Shelley while Shelley is wondering
  if Annie is in love with Coop
- Andy, Hawk, Harry and Cooper are going spelunking in Owl Cave.
  Gordon has gone with Shelley to Doc Haywards to check his
  hearing we are told by Cooper.
- Johnny shoots bufallo cutouts with his arrows. Ben wants to be
  a better father to Audrey and gives her a good position. She
  is going to Seattle by plane to help the pine weasel cause
  much to her surprise. (She's going to miss her date with
  Wheeler.) Ben asks some advice about honesty from Wheeler who
  replies to tell the hard truth first. Wheeler also said he's
  in love with Audrey to Ben. They munch carrots together.
- Cooper, Hawk, Truman, and Andy are in a cave and sees the
  picture that was also drawn by Cooper. An owl tries to attack
  the group. Andy swings his pickaxe and hits the top diamond?
  The middle diamond opens and a rod with a symbol appears:
                 The owl leaves the cave.
      /\/\/\   - Cooper mentions to Diane its Thursday 9:05 p.m.
      /    \     He sees Annie and that scar. She won't explain
      \    /     now but in time.
        \/     - WE goes to owl cave and saw what was uncovered.
                 he sees on the ceiling the symbol inverted so
  he turned the rod so the symbol is upside-down. The wall then

 (This episode seems to confirm Windom Earle, BOB, and owls are
  somehow connected)