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Subject: Re: 28/03 TP episode CANADIAN SPOILERS (Re: CANADIAN)
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1991-04-04, 22:00

In article <>, (MattBrockman) writes...

}} Sorry Matt, but Sanjiv got the spelling correct. It *is* "Windom" and not
}} "Wyndham". It says so in the episodes themselves.

} Yes, I know the "proper" spelling, but I'm a member of that small
} minority that believes that "Windom" is a stupid way to spell what
} should be, IOHO, "Wyndham".

Fine. If you want to spell it "Wyndham", go right ahead. But do not presume
to correct someone else when they spell it correctly.

Regardless, I think it's arrogant to decide that the spelling of someone's
name is "stupid". My given name is "Jerel", and while I'm not overly fond
of it, that *is* the way it's spelled, and I would find it offensive if
someone insisted on spelling it "Gerald" because they thought "Jerel" was
a "stupid" way to spell it.

Regardless of what you think of the relative merits of the two spellings,
the fact is that his name is spelled "Windom", and to deny that is hardly,
as your use of the acronym "IOHO" suggests, humble.

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