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Subject: Re: old movie reference (Laura)
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1991-04-04, 22:11

In article <>, (Vidar Hanssen) writes...

} I've heard of a old film noire classic called Laura with several references
} to Twin Peaks:

} 1) The movie starts with the portrait of Laura, similar to the end of
} every TP episode.

Yes, there is a portrait of Laura Hunt in the film that is omnipresent.

} 2) The girl, Laura, was killed before the film started, and the film is
} mainly about finding the killer.

Without wanting to spoil the film for anyone, it's not quite this simple
and straightforward.

} 3) The main character, a detective, was called Waldo Lydecker.

Not true. Waldo Lydecker was a character in the film, but he wasn't the
detective. The detective's name was McPherson.

} 4) Leland Palmer was involved in some way, possibly as a character.

There wasn't any character in the film named Leland Palmer. The only other
character name in the film that crosses over into TWIN PEAKS is "Jacoby",
though in LAURA it was pronounced "JAK-oh-bee" rather than "ja-KOH-bee".
In LAURA, Jacoby was the name of the artist who painted the portrait.

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