Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: OOPS
From: keb3@po.CWRU.Edu (Keith E. Bitely)
Date: 1991-04-04, 16:44

In a previous article, rosimcg@OAVAX.CSUCHICO.EDU (Rosi McGillivray) says:

> >Sorry folks, about my recent post where I told about Mount Shasta.
> >I know I did the >>> thingies wrong, but I AM only a neophyte in
> >the forest of you masters. I think, BTW, that it's remarkable to
> >find so many people (that's you guys) who automatically assume
> >common knowledge of Squiggy. I thought L&S was supposed to be sort
> >of sitcom never-never-land. (I watched it 'cause we only got one
> >channel at that time). Regardless, I think he is the perfect sleazeball
> >to help Ben Horne with his Ghostwood anti-project. And, of course,
> >the perfect weasle handler. Now it we can just ferret out all
> >those wood-be puns and get on to T-P!

Actually, I believe Laverne & Shirley was rated #1 at one point in its
run.  (I used to love that show...but when Shirley left, it just went downhill)

And, yes, Squiggy (or whatever name he uses) is obviously a sleazeball and
I've come to the conclusion that this whole pine weasel thing is just a ploy.


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