Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Opening Credits
From: (MattBrockman)
Date: 1991-04-04, 08:03

In article <> (Cisco's Buddy) writes:
> >In article <>, (MattBrockman) writes...
> >
> >} In article <91090.210224SAUDA@MAINE.BITNET> SAUDA@MAINE.BITNET writes:
> >
> >}} I think that the shortened intro was a result of the extended recap
> >}} needed at the beginning of the first show.
> >} Yes, but it has been that way for the past several shows.
> >Yes, because the "past several shows" had been preceded with a "Gulf War
> >Update" that ate into the available time.

That's what I used to think! But then I noticed that a couple of
those weeks, they've had no Update during that time. Perhaps
L/F shortened it to make a longer show?