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Subject: Re: the hOWLs are know what they scene
Date: 1991-04-04, 09:59

In article <1991Apr3.065613.12203@panix.uucp> dfl@panix.uucp (Danny Lieberman)
> >So why hasn't anybody tracked/plotted the chess game moves?  They
> >must be following some "real game" progression...
> >
> >                                             -- Danny L.

Well...not really. Here is my personal theory of the moves to date.
Coop's moves are reconstructed from the position shown on the board
in Truman's office after the murder of the 'drifter', presumably the
representing Earle's third move, PxP. Comments are based on examining
a couple of books on Openings.

   Earle   Coop          Comments
1. P-K4               As Bobby F would say, "The correct move".
           N-QB3      Nimzowitsch Defense
2. P-Q4               Usual reponse and a damn fine move anyway.
           P-Q4       Nimzowitsch himself played P-K4, but Krevitz
                      championed this one.
3. PxP                Usual continuation.
           P-QN3      ?? Usual is NxP, but perhaps Pete and Coop are trying
                      to avoid capturing Earle's pieces as well as losing
                      their own.
4. N-KB3              This is the usual reply to Black plays 3. NxP.

I won't attempt to anaylze this as I don't know very much about chess. 
However, I will note that Earle could have played '4. QxP' if he doesn't care
about winning and just wants to capture pieces. Maybe a real player can comment
on the last two moves and the current position. We got a couple of comments
some months ago when we had a go round on what Coop's first two moves were.

-Rich Haller           -I am not a real real chess player.
                       -I just play one in