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Subject: Re: the hOWLs are know what they scene
Date: 1991-04-04, 13:39

Oops! I messed up. Thank you Stephen Joseph Smith for pointing out the error.
I here is the corrected version.
In article <>
> >Well...not really. Here is my personal theory of the moves to date.
> >Coop's moves are reconstructed from the position shown on the board
> >in Truman's office after the murder of the 'drifter', presumably the
> >representing Earle's third move, PxP. Comments are based on examining
> >a couple of books on Openings.
> >
> >   Earle   Coop          Comments
> >1. P-K4               As Bobby F would say, "The correct move".
> >           N-QB3      Nimzowitsch Defense
> >2. P-Q4               Usual reponse and a damn fine move anyway.
            P-K4       Nimzowitsch himself played P-Q4, but Krevitz
            ^^^^       championed this one.       ^^^^
> >3. PxP                Usual continuation.
> >           P-QN3      ?? Usual is NxP, but perhaps Pete and Coop are trying
> >                      to avoid capturing Earle's pieces as well as losing
> >                      their own.
> >4. N-KB3              This is the usual reply to Black plays 3. NxP.
> >
> >I won't attempt to anaylze this as I don't know very much about chess. 
> >However, I will note that Earle could have played '4. QxP' if he doesn't care
> >about winning and just wants to capture pieces. Maybe a real player can
> >on the last two moves and the current position. We got a couple of comments
> >some months ago when we had a go round on what Coop's first two moves were.
> >
> >-Rich Haller           -I am not a real real chess player.
> >                       -I just play one in
> >
> >