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Subject: TP - 4/4/91 - My Thoughts/?'s
From: (Bill Perkins)
Date: 1991-04-04, 23:04

Okay...I just watched tonight's episode...and I dunno... Some stuff I liked,
a lot of other stuff I really did NOT like  (well, with a grain of salt: I
love TP, I just didn't like the show "succumbing" to regular TV at points
(peaks)).  (Oh, yeah, flame me...yeah, go ahead! ;-})

1) Did Harry *know* who T. Eckhardt's assistant was?  (From before...)  He
   kind of acted like he did/did not when he woke up -- maybe just the
   shock of it all made him act "bewildered" (he had this look on his face 
   like "You?!" -- but maybe it was all just surprise..?

2) I thought this was funny:  H.S. Truman hung-over as hell - and Gordon
   shows up yelling at the top of his (normal) (?) voice...

3) This was funny, too:  Truman's still dealing with the hang-over -- and
   Cooper makes a deliberate point re what's "best" for a hang-over -- of
   course, Truman: exit stage left (I'D THROW UP after *that* "cure"!)
   Equally funny: (later on) Gordon doing pretty much the same thing ("Raw
   beef..!)_, with the same reaction from Truman... ;-)

4) What was 'John' (new char, Billy Zane) fooling with when Audrey entered
   the room (room service)?  Looked like a big hot-dog steamer :-)  Anyone

5) Doc Hayward is hiding something!!!  We all kind of wondered when he was
   going to become "more important"/"critical to plot development", huh?  (Oh,
   YEAH, we did!)  All his denying/making up excuses on-the-fly w/ Donna pretty
   much show that there's more here....  It wouldn't surprise me at all if,
   as many others have suggested, Ben is, in fact, Donna's dad. But why (as
   far as plot goes???)?  

6) Why IS Donna's mom in a wheelchair?  (I know this has been asked earlier,
   esp. after last week, but I have not been able to read all the responses,
   so sorry if this old...!)

   EVERYTHING!  (Though it was sort of amusing in the coffee-shop -- everyone
   heard him saying how much he liked her ;-})  So why does he hear Shelley,

8) Frankly, I really did not see much "chemistry" at ALL between Coop and
   Annie at first (even most of tonight); maybe it's possible, but I still
   dunno...  Feels rather "forced" on us to me...?

9) As much as I Love D. Lynch (the Director, Author, Song-Writer, et al)
   I really do not like this "Gordon" personae...  No, I like "Gordon"
   fine, I just think Lynch is too ... "flat" (?) as an actor...  Amusing
   for a while; bugs me after it's going on...

10) Hmmm...  W. Earle was on Project Blue Book... (as was/is Mjr. Briggs...)

11) Coop putting the two "symbols" together... give me a break.  Hardly the
    configuration I'd settle on (in fact, I already had my whole theory of
    what these symbols meant, and I just *knew* it was gonna come true.. well,
    I'll tell ya 'bout 'em if you want...).  Did it look "rational/feasible/
    what-have-you" yo you???  He added symbols (we have never seen), and it
    sure wasn't a "logical" (IMHO) assimilation of two images, anyway... Such
    is life on TV...
   => On a similar point (same scenes), I did think that the cave Annie
      recognized ("Owl Cave") was a little too convenient..  I thought she
      was supposed to have been gone a long time -- how did she know about it?
   => Anyone notice that when Annie first comes up to Coop/Truman that Coop
      says he would like some coffee, he looks down at his cup, and it is
      upside-down?  He then *looks* at his cup, even moves away from it and 
      crosses his arms, then we get a quick shot of Annie pouring his coffee
      into  a right-side up cup...  In that *very* quick time between Coop
      looking at the cup, and Annie filling it, we can *hear* what (must be)
      a cup being turned over -- but I think that that sound was "put in"
      at edit time -- 'cause the characters were right back to where they
      were before/after all this (you following this?)... Just something
      I noticed....  But Annie DID turn Truman's over... (his CUP!)
   => I figured W. Earle would take Annie into account re Coop (since he was
      in the RR when Coop first met/fell in love with her), and use her in
      his "fight" against Coop.

   => One of the funniest things: Coop's *stupid* "penguin" joke -- it was
      not funny -- but Truman's reaction to the whole thing was ("When did
      you first fall in love with her..."):  "The Defense Rests...."

12) This entire "cave exploration" thing -- my, that was easy, huh?  A little
    *too* much so for me...and "campy".  I like TP b/c it is so weird, but
    actually "feasible*, 'cause the world IS weird!  But to go for this
    "Indiana Jones and ..." BS, with "magically moving stones, et al", uh,
    I'm annoyed....  

13) Why did Gordon go on so much about the gun he gave Cooper?

14) What's the point of the whole "james sends a postcard" thing?  Who the
    hell cares?

15) When Wyndam (?) Earle is in the cave (at the end of the show), he 
    approaches the "symbol" location from an entirely different direction
    from the one Coop, Truman, et al, took. Makes ya think he was hiding
    out all the while, while the others were there, but his reaction to 
    the "symbol"'s new "movement" was rather "surprised"...  He acted more
    like he stumbled across something (and that he, too, sought), and was
    eager/delighted to make it work in/for his purposes....

    BTW, I thought (again... I gotta quit doing that!) it was just *too*
    convenient that W.E. just happened to turn around, his flashlight just
    happened to land exactly on the "other" ("upside-down" owl (?)) symbol,
    so he just "knew" to turn the ("original") "rod"-thing from the 1st
    symbol-thing around.....  WHY would he do this???  (Except for the fact
    that it made a pretty decent "Oh, shit, NOW What?" ending to the show...
    My point being:  W.E. did not act (to me) like he knew *the answer(s)"
    either, he was searching 'em out, too....

    Yet, he MUST have known that Coop, et al, would be back, so turning the
    "Owl" rod thingy would tip 'em off that someone else knew, too....

16) Who was shooting the arrows at the neon-colored buffaloe cut-outs?  I
    really think it was Bobby (but WHY?!).  

I'm outta here...

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