Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Episode 2017 Recap
From: (Jeffrey Koga)
Date: 1991-04-05, 10:18

AGENT COOPER: "March 28, Thursday night.  Diane, I want to
bring you up to speed on a few recent developments.  Nadine
Hurley, 35 years old, persists in the belief that she is a
high school girl.  She has apparently fallen in love with
Mike Nelson, high school varsity star...Word has it that
Bobby Briggs is shacked up with Shelley the waitress.
Shelley's husband Leo has awakened from his coma, and is
somewhere in the woods...Ben Horne has suddenly become an
enviromentalist, and enlisted the aid of trusted friend John
Justice Wheeler to help him save the pine weasel...As for
me, I find myself suffused with a vague sense of
contentment, a premonition of happiness.  I hope I will be
ready when it comes...Meanwhile, there's Windham Earle, my
former partner.  Windham continues to play his deadly game
of chess.  DEADLY, Diane, because every time he removes a
piece from the board, Earle takes a human life.  I have
enlisted the aid of chess champion Pete Martell, in hopes of
formulating a stalemate game.  In the meantime, I can only
wait for Earle's next move...Major Briggs has returned from
his disappearance in the woods, but remembers nothing.  He
cannot explain the mysterious tattoo on his neck...Diane,
Josie Packard is dead, possibly from fear.  And while I am
absolutely certain that she tried to take my life, I feel
both sadness and even sympathy.  Sheriff Truman is suffering
miserably as a result.  When Josie died, I saw a vision
revealing BOB, and the midget from my dream.  Windham Earle,
BOB, the midget.  Is there a connection Diane?  Do these
events fortell BOB's return?  I hope not, for all our
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