Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Annie
From: (Janet M. Swisher)
Date: 1991-04-05, 13:57

In article <> (Sanjiv Sarwate) writes:

> > (VLSI) writes:
>> >>There has been an assumption ('scuse me if this has already been 
>> >>addressed) that Annie was a nun.  We don't know that, we only know
>> >>that she has been in a convent for a while.  Not everyone who lives/
>> >>stays in a convent is a nun.
> >
> >I believe she said "one of the other sisters used to put rum in her coffee."

I heard that as "one of the sisters used to put rum in her tea."
(Still ambiguous about whether Annie was a nun.)  Let's go home and
check our tapes and meet back here tomorrow.

I'm inclined to think she wasn't a nun (nor even, necessarily, a
neophyte).  Convents and monasteries don't like to accept people who
are trying to solve their problems by running away from the world
(they prefer people who are "truly" seeking God, whatever that means).
Annie fits this category since she entered the convent after "failing"
and attempting suicide.

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