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Subject: Re: The chess game...
From: dmf2@po.CWRU.Edu (Denise M. Fischer)
Date: 1991-04-05, 10:27

In a previous article, () says:

> >
> > First of all, what an episode! (4/4/91) IMHO, the best one since end of the
> >WKLP storyline. 

I agree! Gordon Cole is becoming one of my favorite characters; the scene
with Shelley (who has had some of the best lines the last couple weeks) in 
the diner was a scream. (no pun intended) I especially liked watching Gordon
and Cooper both flirting at the same time in their own contrasting styles.
I also like how they're developing Annie's character; they didn't really
show much of her personality last week, but this week she really did appear
to be someone who would be compatible with Cooper.

I also liked the scene with Audrey and Ben. It was both touching and
funny and also believable. Some people have said they miss the old
Audrey, but I really like how her character's developed. She's still sharp 
and she still has a "plan", but she seems more polished and sure about how 
to accomplish her goals. I think you can attribute the fact that she's
"nicer" to people than at the beginning of the series to her experience
at One Eyed Jacks and her interaction with Cooper. (I know he could
talk me into going straight :) )

Last night's show made me realize that I'll really miss this show when
it's gone. I guess we can always hope for another network to pick it up.
-- -------------------------------------------- Denise M. Fischer ( Network Information Coordinator, INS Case Western Reserve University