Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: USA TODAY article
From: (Sharon Lee West)
Date: 1991-04-05, 05:38

In reference to these same articles, there are two mistakes.

1.  In the picture mentioned on page 3D, the Caption reads:

CHESS MATES:  With Kevin Young, left, looking on at the Double R Diner,
Kyle MacLachlan bones up his chess game with Ace player Jack Nance and
the sheriff, Michael Ontkean.


The picture shows Toad, Cooper, Doc Heyward and Harry.

2. In Matt Roush's TV Review, for 4/28  see if YOU can figure out what
is wrong here:

".....Guest director tonight is James Foley (After Dark, My Sweet), who
takes well to the daffy drill, pulling off a bizarre set-piece of mayhem
at a Miss Twin Peaks pageant and sustaining the creepy-kooky tone."  

I get the feeling Mr. Roush is not a fan, and didn't really watch the
show with much interest.

my $0.02:  A National Newspaper should have a better proofreading staff,
especially for captions.