Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: The chess game...
Date: 1991-04-05, 08:04

 First of all, what an episode! (4/4/91) IMHO, the best one since end of the
WKLP storyline. I next week will be a good test of how much they've changed
their approach to the show. By that I mean, in the past when they've made a
startling revelation and our heroes were left in a precarious position, we
wouldn't see that storyline again for another 3-4 weeks. Now, we have
the boys going back to Owl Cave (why the heck did they leave?). So, will
they return to the Cave next week, or will we have to wait till the season
finale to discover what is in the cave? I'll let everyone else bring the
numerous classic lines in last night's episode, but let me make a prediction
about the chess game.

  Here are the moves of the chess game so far, as near as I can tell.
        Windom                         Coop
  1.    P-K4                            P-K4
  2.    P-Q4                            N-QB3
  3.    PxP                             P-QN3
  4.    N-KB3                           P-QR3
  Now, I think Windom's next move will be QB-KN5. This is not the best
move from a fundamentals standpoint, but it attacks the Black Queen, and
it forces an exchange. Black has to block, preferably with a pawn, because
if someone dies every time a black piece is taken, the presumably a pawn
dying is not as drastic as a bishop or knight dying. 
  The only thing is, if Coop and Windom have a confrontation in the season
finale, that's only four episodes from now, or four moves for each player.
That's hardly enough time to force this game to a shattering conclusion.
We shall see. I only hope the remaining episodes are as good.

Jeff Kouba
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
University of Iowa