Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Transcript of ending for Californians.
From: (Rocky Giovinazzo)
Date: 1991-04-05, 18:59

Here's what happens at the end of the 4/4 show after Annie gets a drink.
I presume that this is what some Californians missed?

Dale: Hello Annie.
Annie: Hi.
D: Can I get you something... oh,
A: No, no, I have a rum and tonic.
D: I see.
A: One of the sisters used to put rum in her tea and I thought it was
   exotic, so...
D: It's all new to you isn't it?
A: I feel constantly amazed.  Stunned.  Music and people-- the way they talk
   and laugh and the way some of them are so clearly in love.  It's like a 
   foreign language to me.  I know just enough of the words to realize how 
   little I know.
D: I'd love to see the world through your eyes.
A: Why?
D: There are some things I might do different if I had the chance.
A: Me too.

[Annie reaches for her drink-- Dale notices the suicide scar -- and 
Annie notices him noticing.  She pulls back her hand to cover her wrist.]

A: You see, the thing is I failed before and [pause] I'm just afraid it
   might happen again.
D: You want to talk about it?
A: Not yet.
D: Maybe I can help.
A: Can you?
D: If you want me to. 
A: I'm stubborn, extremely willful.
D: I can handle that.
A: Some people think I'm strange.
D: I know the feeling.

[Annie laughs]

A: I couldn't promise you that I would always make sense or do things that 
   you'd expect me to do.
D: Annie I don't expect anything.
A: Then I accept your kind and generous offer.
D: Good.  I'm glad.

[scene changes to the bright light of Windom's flashlight and then allows
us to see his figure in Owl Cave as he appears to be looking for something.
He comes across the uncovered "petroglyph."]

Windom: My, my, my. What have we ...

[While turning his flashlight to other parts of the cave and to the ceiling.]


[Shot of the same petroglyph but upside down on the ceiling from Windom's 
point of view.  This one is enclosed by a diamond-shape.]
		       /  \
		      /    \
                     /      \
                    /        \
		   /	/\    \		This should be more square
		  /    /  \    \        but my ascii-graphics skills
		 /    /    \    \	are minimal.
	        /     \    /     \
		\  \  /\  /\  /  /
		 \  \/	\/  \/  /
		  \            / 
		   \          /
		    \        /
		     \	    /
		      \	   /
		       \  /
W: Could it be?  

[Looks back at the petroglyph on the wall.]

W: Yes.

[Looks back at the ceiling.]

W: The symbol inverted. 

[laughs a wheezing kind of little laugh]

W: Now.

[Struggling a little, Windom grasps the stone shaft on the wall with his 
 right hand and rotates it counter-clockwise until the symbol on the wall 
 is the same as the one on the ceiling.  Andy's axe stuck in the "fire" 
 symbol begins to move as a trembling sound begins.  
 The axe is now directly aove the petroglyph on the wall.  The axe falls out 
 of the wall as the walls begin to shake more.  Windom is backing out
 of the cave with tiny laughs of satisfication.  Dust coming off of the
 wall fills the screen.]

Scenes from "Next, on Twin Peaks..."
[A computer screen drawing of some kind of map?  It could be drawings of
something in Owl Cave?  It looks like there are two figures on the left
side above a circle of objects (BOB's candles?) and on the right is 
the sun.  The rest is too blurred to make out.]

[A close up of one of Windom's poem's mailed to one of the "queens."]
Dale: Would you please bring me Leo Johnson's arrest report.

[A shot of the black box]
Mrs. Martell:  Thomas Eckhardt left this to me when he died. 
	       It might have something to do with Josie.

[A close shot of a black arrow.]
Unknown voice: What's with the arrow man.  What are you doing?