Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Twin Peaks : 4/4 Thoughts
From: (Jason Snell)
Date: 1991-04-05, 11:41


Wow. This was, as others have said, the best episode in a long time--
perhaps since the end of the WKLP storyline. Much better than last
week's disappointing return.

random thoughts:

* harry to cooper: "So, how long you been in love with her?" I KNEW he was
  going to say this. The entire scene in the RR was incredible. Lynch was
  hilarious, as usual.

* owl: I liked the owl effect a lot. It was-- um-- strange. That ain't no
  NORMAL owl.

* petroglyph. windom. owls. Why do I think we're getting to that time,
  when all hell breaks loose and the evil genius of windom is linked to the
  sheer evil power of BOB?

* Windom worked with project blue book? Finally, the connection to briggs
  is made. The "space signals" start to fit back in.

God, this show is evil. It makes me angry one week and then impresses the
hell out of me the next. Since it's not long for this world, I'll enjoy it.
Shows like this don't come around very often.

(But I hope they bring it back in some form long enough to resolve the
plots. Cross fingers-- it's not very likely.)


-- Jason Snell / / University of California, San Diego "Expectations only mean you really think you know what's coming next, and you don't." -- Bob Mould