Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Twin Peaks is Boring!
From: webb@CS.CMU.EDU (Jon Webb)
Date: 1991-04-05, 06:09

I was really bored by last night's show, and I've been a fan of Twin
Peaks from the beginning; I've seen every show.  When Twin Peaks first
came out, someone experienced in television asked "How long will it be
before `Twin Peaks' becomes `Two Breasts'?"  Well, I think it's happened
now.  The images from the first year and part of this one still haunt
me: a dead body, wrapped in plastic; Laura's eye in the video camera;
the pine trees in the wind; "SOMEBODY put a FISH in the PERcolator; the
Man From Another Place; Maddie's murder.  But lately the show has been
so plain and so accepting of TV cliches that I wish it would be put out
of its misery at the end of this year.  Damn it, this show was supposed
to play with TV cliches and do something original, not be overwhelmed by
them!  Last night, the only odd moment was Johnny Horne's Indian cries
during Ben and Audrey's conversation, and even that was set up in a
standard manner -- compare it with Lynch's use of the bouncing balls
during the One Armed Man's inspection of people at the Great Northern. 
(The week before, the only original idea was the sustained scream at the
end of the fashion show.)  The one thing that could've saved last
night's show was the trademark closing scene, where we expect something
unexpected to happen; instead, we have Windom Earle wandering into the
cave, turning that rod that Cooper exposed and then walked away from,
and then a really fake-looking earthquake, more or less, starts
happening.  The endings to "Lost in Space" were about as original.

Please, Bob Iger -- put this show out of its misery.  Let us have our
memories of the early shows, and don't overwhelm us with typical TV

-- J