Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Writing to Herr Iger
From: (Daniel Lee Harkless)
Date: 1991-04-05, 17:21
Reply-to: (Dan Harkless)

	Well, Twin Peaks is back, but I fear not for long.  It is still in
the bottom of the ratings.  Damn the dense American public and the brain-dead
programmers at ABC to Hell!  Well, looks like that letter-writing campaign is
going to have to continue if we want to get TP reinstated next Fall.  Damn,
last night's episode was so GREAT!  We CAN'T lose this show!  I'll die!!!!!!

	Now, I have the Los Angeles address for Bob Iger, but I lost the NY
one that David Lynch gave out on David Letterman.  Wouldn't the NY address
be better, as this is where Bob's (God, I can't beleive he's named BOB - yes I
can) office is located, or is it??  If anybody still has the NY address or
knows that Bob's office is in LA, please email me so I will not miss the reply.
By the way, does somebody actually read these letters for content, or are they
just tallied?

Thanks in advance,
Dan Harkless