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Subject: BOB's Candles
From: (Rocky Giovinazzo)
Date: 1991-04-06, 20:33

> >From: (R o d Johnson)
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Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Transcript of ending for Californians.
>> >>In article <19FC44D160C02014@UMAECS> (Rocky Giovinazzo) writes:

> >[Transcript of final minutes deleted.  Thanks for posting it!]

>> >>Scenes from "Next, on Twin Peaks..."
>> >>------------------------------------
>> >>[A computer screen drawing of some kind of map?  It could be drawings of
>> >>something in Owl Cave?  It looks like there are two figures on the left
>> >>side above a circle of objects (BOB's candles?) and on the right is 
                                 ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^

> >What do you mean by this exactly?  What am I forgetting?
	Rememeber Cooper's first dream with the LMFAP?  I associated the circle
of candles being blown out with BOB since, and I know I shouldn't say this,
in the European version that the shot was taken from, BOB was found
in the basement of the hospital next to that circle of candles.  (I think).
I assume they are part of some sort of ritual and maybe important?
	Anyway, I looked at the "map" again and noticed that there are
more than 12 markings for candles.  BOB had only 12 candles in his
circle.  Whoops.
	The "map" could also just be some doodling or maybe something
Windom was drawing.  Since there's no voice over for that shot,
we'll just have to wait until 4/11.
	Really, this "map" is probably not as significant as I 
have made it out to be.  I guess I should have held out on the