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Subject: Re: Donna and Audrey are sisters
From: (Chuck Kincaid)
Date: 1991-04-06, 08:04

In article <> (Barbara Hlavin) writes:
> >In article <> (Sanjiv Sarwate) writes:
>> >> (Brett J. Vickers) writes:
>> >>
>>> >>>It seems that Eileen Hayward and lecherous Ben Horne had something
>>> >>>going "20 years" ago.
> >
>> >>			     Sanjiv Sarwate	
> >
> >
> >I quite agree.  I'd rather speculate that 20 years ago something 
> >happened in Twin Peaks that involved all the parents of all our 
> >"juveniles" -- Eileen and Doc Hayward, Ben Horne and his wife,  
> >perhaps James' mother (aha! that's why she "took to drink" -- 
> >couldn't stand the guilt); maybe Catherine Packard Martell and 
> >Pete Martell?  
> >
> >Maybe there's some Deep Dark Secret that concerns something they 
> >did when they were about the ages of their own children, or some 
> >crime that they covered up.  Maybe it has something to do with 
> >the Evil in the woods.  Oh, and I'd bet that Margaret the Log 
> >Lady would have been involved, too. 
> >
> >
	[stuff deleted]
> >--Barbara 

	Shades of 'Nightmare on Elm Street'.  I like this idea, but
only if they do it right.  If it is too much of a NoES clone, then
I'll be dissapointed.  Maybe the aliens were first here 20 years ago
and interacted with the local inhabitants in some way.  They left
leaving a few people behind.  Maybe a base under Twin Peaks.  Maybe
stowaways as in BOB and his like.  Now they are back to right the
wrongs that occurred 20 years ago (or so).  WE was involved with the
Project BlueBook just over twenty years ago.  He was possessed by an 
evil alien seeking refuge from the ones with white hats.  The crime
he committed which Caroline saw was actuall done by the alien.  The good guys
(a.k.a. The White Lodge) couldn't exorcise the alien out of him so 
they gave him (and Gerard, and others?) the blue stuff (I couldn't 
even pronounce it let alone spell it :-)  in order to keep the alien
subdued.  However they didn't count on the weakness (?) of humans
and their desire for things beyond themselves.  The aliens finally
took over WE and now are back to meet The White Lodge.  Coop and Annie
and others (Ben?  Now on the side of good) have been drawn here, 
recruited you might say to help the White Lodge fight the evil they
left behind.  
	The war between good and evil (at least in this form) is 
coming to the final battle.  Forces are lining up on both sides for
this final psychic battle.  (seems like there was a science fiction
book like this)  There are four kinds of people:  psychic good,
psychic evil, non-psychic good and non-psychic evil (this part 
originated by Mike Conlon).  They are, so far

	Psychic good                Psychic evil
	Dale Cooper			Windom Earle
	Annie				Catherine
	The Log Lady			Josie (she's around, isn't she?)
	Hawk (?)			The Widow Milford (?)
	Major Briggs			Little Nicki
	Mrs Palmer

	Non-psychic good 	    Non-psychic evil
	Harry				Leo
	Gordon/Albert   		Jones
	Andy/Lucy/Dick			Jerry
	Doc Hayward			Bobby (?)

There are probably others who good easily fit in.  Some we  may not see
again, e.g. Hank.   Let the psychic ones be royalty (kings, queens, 
bishops, etc.) and the non-psychic ones be pawns and you have a nice
chess game.  I would love to see a showdown ala The OK Corral.

charles d. kincaid   <<-----  The correct address.  Not the one above.