Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: help me
From: (Luis Ramos)
Date: 1991-04-06, 20:15

In article  gortek@bigtime.UUCP (gortek) writes:
> >Also, in one the first ever episode, it showed Audrey, Donna, Bobby, and 
> >James at school when they announced Laura's death.  Did they all drop out 
> >or what?  They never have returned there, that's for sure.  I don't think 
> >it was the last day, before summer vacation.  But strange things are 
> >often afoot at the Peaks, so who knows.

At least Donna is still in school. Do you recall the scene in their High 
School when Mike is begging Donna to do something about Nadine? They
were walking along the proverbial high school corridor lined on one
(or both) sides with lockers. As to Bobby, my impression is that he can
get away with not attending classes since he is a star football athlete. As to
James, I don't seem to recall the first episode showing James in the school
when they announced Laura's death. In fact I am uncertain as to whether
James attends school at all (perhaps someone who knows James more
intimately can enlighten). And finally Audrey, she definitely is (or was?)
something else isn't she?