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Subject: the Owl Cave glyphs (SPOILERS)
From: jms@vanth.UUCP (Jim Shaffer)
Date: 1991-04-06, 15:48

In article <91094.092639ACPS6410@Ryerson.CA> ACPS6410@Ryerson.CA (Nadir U Ahmed) writes:
> >- Cooper tries to draw the tattoos of the Log Lady and Major
> >  Briggs together.
> >		      /\
> >		    /	 \
> >		    \	 /
> >		      \/
> >	       /\    /	\     /\
> >	     /	  -<	  >-	 \
> >	   /	     \	/	   \
> >	 -------------/\--------------
> >		    /	 \
> >		    \	 /
> >		      \/
> >  ( No I don't know how diamonds came from triangles)

I have no idea how diamonds came from triangles either.  Maybe they
accidentally mixed in one of the alternate plots or something?

Anyway, the symbol reminded me of a spaceship landing between two
mountains.  And the most famous sighting of a diamond-shaped UFO that I'm
aware of was the Cash/Landrum case in Texas in 1980.  In that case,
two women and a kid saw a huge diamond-shaped object with a jet of flame
coming out the bottom.	("Do you want to play with Fire, little boy?!")
(The case is famous, in case you're wondering, because they all suffered
massive radiation exposure.)  Ten years later, one of the witnesses took
out a full-page ad in "The Gulf Breeze Sentinel" warning people that the
UFOs are flown by demonic entities!

> >- Cooper, Hawk, Truman, and Andy are in a cave and sees the
> >  picture that was also drawn by Cooper. An owl tries to attack
> >  the group. Andy swings his pickaxe and hits the top diamond?
> >  The middle diamond opens and a rod with a symbol appears:
> >		  The owl leaves the cave.
> >      /\/\/\	- Cooper mentions to Diane its Thursday 9:05 p.m.
> >      /    \	  He sees Annie and that scar. She won't explain
> >      \    /	  now but in time.
> >	 \/	- WE goes to owl cave and saw what was uncovered.
> >		  he sees on the ceiling the symbol inverted so
> >  he turned the rod so the symbol is upside-down. The wall then
> >  crumbled.

(The symbol, incidentally, didn't look quite like the rendering above.  But
I can't come up with anything much better.  The symbol reminds me of an

When the owl swooped down on them, I was sure it was going to fly right
*through* the wall, thereby establishing that something interdimensional
was going on.  Unfortunately it didn't, but it's still going to be
interesting to see what's behind that wall!

Several things went through my mind when I saw this scene, and several
others when I thought about it afterwards.  First, is Andy a Talking Heads
fan?  ("And you may say to yourself, 'My God, what have I done?'")  Second,
was anyone reminded of "Doctor Who"?  I mean, Borusa had the Doc and
friends disarm all the traps in Rassilon's Tower, then tried to seize the
secret himself.  Just like WE sneaking in after Coop & friends have
uncovered the rod.

Lastly (for now), wasn't there a controversy a few years ago about some
fake historical documents pertaining to the founding of the Mormon church?
And didn't one of the documents say that the devil appeared in the form of
a white salamander to try to stop Smith from picking up the Book Of Mormon?
Sort of like the owl trying to scare off Coop and company.  And after all,
Smith was in a cave, and salamanders are associated in legend with fire...

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