Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: The Twin Peaks chess game
From: (Roger Noe)
Date: 1991-04-06, 11:31

Since I can find no previous article cross-posted between these two news-
groups, I wanted to invite readers to comment on this
thread of discussion.

In the ABC TV series "Twin Peaks" there is a chess game going on between
a highly intelligent, resourceful, maniacal and psychopathic killer named
Windom Earle and his arch-rival/nemesis, FBI special agent Dale Cooper.
(Earle used to be Cooper's partner, more history can be provided upon
request.)  Every time Earle (white) captures one of Cooper's (black)
pieces, some person dies.  Cooper has enlisted the help of the local
chess "expert" to play to a stalemate with as few pieces captured as
possible.  Earle now recognizes this "unfair" play and seems determined
to inflict massive punishment as a consequence.

In article <> writes:
> >  Here are the moves of the chess game so far, as near as I can tell.
> >        Windom                         Coop
> >  1.    P-K4                            P-K4
> >  2.    P-Q4                            N-QB3
> >  3.    PxP                             P-QN3
> >  4.    N-KB3                           P-QR3
> >  
> >  Now, I think Windom's next move will be QB-KN5. This is not the best
> >move from a fundamentals standpoint, but it attacks the Black Queen, and
> >it forces an exchange. Black has to block, preferably with a pawn, because
> >if someone dies every time a black piece is taken, the presumably a pawn
> >dying is not as drastic as a bishop or knight dying. 

Any comments?  Bear in mind that not much time is left in the TV season,
hence if anything big is going to happen at all, it would seem to be
more likely sooner rather than later.
Roger Noe                  
Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois               40:06:39 N.  88:13:41 W.