Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 4/4 followups
From: (Scott Johnson)
Date: 1991-04-07, 20:05

For some reason, I can't "follow" any messages in this newsgroup.  But
here are some follow-ups:

>> >> My question: How is it that Coop could sense that Wyndham had been
>> >> in the police station, but he could not sense that Wyndham was 
>> >> sitting in front of him? Was he having a bad day, or was he just
>> >> too busy flirting with Shelly's sister?

First of all, Annie isn't Shelly's sister, she is Norma's sister.
If you look again, he does begin to notice WE first right before Annie
comes with his coffee; he appears to be about to look over.  Then, right
after she heads away again, he "senses" WE again and looks over, this
time right after he has left.  The sensing of WE in the police station
was also affected by the trails Earl left behind in the station.

>> >> My fellow Peak freaks and I are convinced that the unidentified voice
>> >> belongs to Leo Johnson. He is concerned that Windom is going after the
>> >> Black Queen (Beauty Queen?) i.e. Shelley, and he wants to protect her
>> >> for some reason.

I don't think it is Leo...

>> >> Don't get outcher VCR's, folks, the voice was Squiggy's.

... but it doubt it was Squiggy, too.  I think this guy is so far unidentified.  
>> >> Is [Johnny] the person responsible for pointing the arrow in the Spoilers
>> >> at some unknown person?

The arrow was not Johnny's but the ones Earl was making
in front of Leo during the last episode before the hiatus.

>> >> I love the whole UFO connection that has developed.  My group here in...

We still aren't sure UFO's are involved, even with all of the Project Blue Book
stuff mentioned.  If you remember about six episodes ago when the Major
comes back, he mentions that most of the exploration is being done BELOW
Twin Peaks.

>> >> * It was good to see Gordon Cole again, but that whole scene in the
>> >> diner soon became tedious and dragged on too long.  I got the

I thought it was great to see them all laughing, even if it was a little
sappy.  I think Mr. UN040377@WVNVAXA.WVNET.EDU hates the idea that this
show might be a soap opera.

>> >> I just can't buy Coop's explanation that Jones would try and
>> >> kill Harry out of sexual jeaslousy on Eckhardt's behalf, now
>> >> that Eckhardt's dead. What's going on here????

I am not so sure Eckhardt IS dead; no one mentioned him after that episode,
like they did for Josie.  Andrew faked it pretty well last time,
maybe it is Eckhardt's turn to get back at him (as well as HST).  What did
happen to Andrew anyway?  Is that who Catherine is talking to in the preview?

Finally, did no one else blink when Cooper said  "I don't know where this
will lead, but I believe it will be a place both beautiful and strange!" (sic)


Best mini-quote: "Dollop   of mayonaisse."