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Subject: Re: Re: CANADIAN Twin Peaks on Global
From: dncar@rmatl.UUCP (Chris A. Roussel)
Date: 1991-04-07, 18:54
Reply-to: dncar@ash.UUCP (Chris A. Roussel)

In article <> (Richard Hancock) writes:
> >/ / ingraffi@tramp.Colorado.EDU (INGRAFFIA EDMOND J) /  3:44 am  Mar 27, 1991 /
> >
>> >> "Cajun" is slang for "Acadian". The Acadians were 
>> >> Many people mix this 
>> >> up with "Creole", which is more related to the black culture that became 
> >
> >As I understood it, Cajun cuisine was developed in towns whilst Creole
> >cookery was developed in the country-side.
> >
> >Richard.

Wrong.  I am a native of south Louisiana (and of French Ancestry).

A long time ago, the word "Creole" was used to refer to a person 
of mixed-color.  Now it describes the mixture of the many cultures and 
influences of the area (African, Carribbean, Spanish, French).

You'll have a better chance of finding "Creole" cuisine New Orleans than
in the country.

The Cajun culture is very much a rural one, based on farming, ranching and
fishing.  There are very few true Cajuns who live in the cities.

- chris roussel