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Subject: Re: Markings Indeed, and they CHANGE !!!
From: scott@Apple.COM (Scott Douglass)
Date: 1991-04-07, 00:02
Newsgroups: (Lee Crawford) writes:

> >As to those markings on the back of Major Briggs neck and upon the log lady; 
> >With tribute to Monty Python, yes, they're "..verrry noicce." But what I want
> >to
> >know is why when the three symbols were on Major Briggs neck they were three
> >triangles arranged in a Radiation symbol pattern, but when COOP decided to
> >rearrange
> >them he came up with three diamonds. 
> >
> >  Three triangles doesnt make three diamonds, it makes 1.5 diamonds. (You can
> >tell
> >I goes to college, huh ?) Imagine that an inconsistency....
> >
Well, I too thought that this was merely an inconsistency.  But today
I was out driving, when suddenly a symbol appeared to me!  It was just
like Major Briggs', except there were *diamonds* instead of the
*triangles*!  Pretty scary, huh?  It was on a Mitsubishi building,
of course.  More than a coincidence?

		--  maggie

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