Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Who did it ? - SPOILERS
From: (Pandy Holmberg)
Date: 1991-04-07, 03:26

In article <> (MattBrockman) writes:

->    >Well, the only thing I wanna know is ..WHO DID IT ????
->    Most recently?
->    That would have to be Nadine and Mike.
->    Longest ago?
->    That would have to be Ben Horne and Mrs. Haywood.

	Yeah, HA HA! Now we can ready hundreds of "funny" answers to this
	question for months, written by people having nothing better to do.

	The answer to the question is LELAND PALMER!

	Now that I've told you this, please cancel your article so we'll
	get less "humorous" answers. This article remains so other people
	won't have to ask the same question again. (Although I doubt they
	won't do that!)

	If you don't know how to cancel your article, don't mail me.
	RTFM! (=Read the manual)

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