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Subject: Thought provoking questions of the TP Big Picture
From: ap056@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (J. Scott Owens)
Date: 1991-04-07, 10:07
Reply-to: ap056@cleveland.Freenet.Edu

Can anybody answer the following questions???

How many different storylines or plots do we have going now?  I really wouldn't care except that some are just forgotton from time to time.

What ever happened to Mike?  I don't recall his death or any official disappearance.

Have we decided that Bob/Mike/The Giant/etc MUST have a host?  I tend to think so since anytime the Giant appears, Senor Droolcup is *ALWAYS* around when the Giant appears.  The One armed Man is/was *ALWAYS* around when Mike appears/appeared
.  Leland was *ALWAYS* around when BOB appeared...until two episodes ago.  Now the question is, if Bob did't HAVE to have a host, then why would he ever take one in the first place?  If we make the assumption that Bob MUST at all times have
a host, then he must have moved to a new host at Leland's death in the jail.  I still have not ruled out Truman:  He was one of the few people around at the time that Bob's former host was dying and needed the new host.  Truman is basically
good.  Where better to hid out that in the body of a good lawman.  Also, with Truman's good character, I doubt we would have seen evidence of Bob for a while since it would take some time and some emotional events (LIKE JOSIE'S DEATH) to bre
akdown Truman's character and allow Bob to surface.  Truman disappeared as Bob appeared at Josie's death in much the same way that Leland and Senor Droolcup disappear as their respective "demons" appear.  So first we MUST decide if Bob HAS t
o have a host at all times.  If yes, who is he hiding in.

Maybe I have not been paying close attention here, but what is Ben Horne up to?  I certainly had originally thought that this Pinewessel thing was purely a Block to Catherine's plans at Ghostwood.  But lately he has been So convincing with t
his new, good, BEn Horne.  I guess what's troubling me is he is just too good.  So, is he up to his old tricks (seems most likely) or are we to believe that he has really changed??

I'd like to see some comments on Ghostwood.  I think it is interesting that there is this preoccupation with wood in Twin Peaks.  The Log Lady appears to think her dead husband's spirit is in that Log, Everybody has had an experience in thos
e woods.  How did it get named Ghostwood?  I doubt it was a simple coincidense.

I think that an interesting comment that I read here recently had to do with the entrance to the White Lodge entrance being under the waterfall at the Great Northern, while the entrance to the Black Lodge is in the cave under falling debris.
  In any case, it appears we are near resoving this White/Black Lodge business.

What has Windham been doing between the time he and Cooper were partners and Season number 2?  Why is he showing up now?  Is he supposed to stop Cooper from upsetting some sort of balance that had previously existed in Twin Peaks?

Lastly, Windham seems to be possed just like Leland, the one armed man, and Senor Droolcup.  The thing that troubles me is, the others have a definite seperation of character (and appearance) between themselves and the demon/alien.  It is br
utally obvious when the demon/alien is in control.  Windham however seems to have merged his own identity with that of the demon/alien that resides within him.  What is Windham's relationship with his demon/alien as compared to all of his co

These things need some analysis...