Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: TP in AUSTRALIA
From: (Murray Chapman)
Date: 1991-04-07, 07:27

Hi there

Someone asked for a rundown on what's happening with TP down under, so
I guess I qualify (I'm an honours student at the University of Queensland,
Australia *G'Day!*)

Last week's episode was the the first episode of the second series... that
is, it was the epsode directed by David Lynch, in which we find out that
Agent Cooper was wearing a vest when he got shot... Audrey Horne's father
DIDN'T recognize his daughter's voice... Andy finds some cocaine under
Leo's porch, and Leyland Palmer's hair turns white!

OK! So we are a little bit behind!!!!! ... and YES, we STILL don't know
who killed Laura Palmer, so NO SPOILERS!!!!!!!

TP is fairly big down under ("Falling", the theme song is in the top 10),
but from reading news posted in this group, most people seem to think
that it goes down hill after a while..... any replies to that?????

The way the TV network ran/is running the series, we didn't get a break
between the first and second series, so there was little/no suspense
over the events of the last episode of the first series.... but hey!!

(On the subject of TV networks, in Australia we have 5 (five) TV stations....
three commercial, one government, and one foreign language/culture... so
count yourselves lucky that you live where you do!!! ... but then again
you have to watch NTSC!!!!!)

One final thing.... I would really like to get my hands on a copy of the
script of the times when Albert (the other FBI agent) appears- so if
anyone has a copy, e-mail it to me PLEASE!!!!

Any questions about TP down under or OZ in general welcome!!

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