Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Don't worry about the chess game
From: (Charles Blair)
Date: 1991-04-08, 13:05

   Those of you who don't know much about chess need not worry about
missing something significant.  It is clear that the writers don't 
know much either.  The terminology is wrong (players talk about ``drawn
games,'' not ``stalemate games'') and the elaborate circumlocution last
week for ``if bishop takes pawn, rook takes pawn'' was ludicrous.

   There is not even an attempt at consistency in the different positions
we have been shown as part of the game.  Several people have posted 
reconstructions of the game starting P-K4, P-K4, with P-Q4 as Earle's
second move with white.  The trouble is that Cooper posted an ad in
the paper (we're shown it) saying ``Earle: P-Q4''

   As with much else in TP, the principle is just enjoy the ride, don't
expect things to make sense.