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Subject: Re: 28/03 TP episode CANADIAN SPOILERS (Re: CANADIAN)
From: (MattBrockman)
Date: 1991-04-08, 09:55

In article  joe@zitt (Joe Zitt) writes:
> > (MattBrockman) writes:
> >
>> >> Yes, I know the "proper" spelling, but I'm a member of that
>> >> small minority that believes that "Windom" is a stupid way
>> >> to spell what should be, IOHO, "Wyndham".
> >
> >Well, gee... maybe you should try to get the actor William Windom to
> >respell >his< name, too...

But he's a real person, WE is a *character* in a *make believe* world.

I can rat on imaginary people all I want. Geez, I apologize
to WE for ever making that comment (just don't put me on a deck o'