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Subject: Re:Next week's drawing/map/whatever [was: Transcript for Califo...]
From: (Rocky Giovinazzo)
Date: 1991-04-08, 18:50

> >From: jms@vanth.UUCP (Jim Shaffer)
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Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Next week's drawing/map/whatever [was: Transcript of ending for Californians.]
>> >>In article <19FC44D160C02014@UMAECS> (Rocky Giovinazzo) writes:
>> >>
>> >>[A computer screen drawing of some kind of map?  It could be drawings of
>> >>something in Owl Cave?  It looks like there are two figures on the left
>> >>side above a circle of objects (BOB's candles?) and on the right is
>> >>the sun.  The rest is too blurred to make out.]

> >...I was initially
> >thinking that the picture was a map, and the circles might be something
> >like Stonehenge (in the U.S.?  I told you your version sounds better!) and
	Actually, in Salem, New Hampshire (I think) is a place
advertised as "America's Stonehenge" which is apparently a similar but
less spectacularly large version of Stonehenge-- yet still as mysterious.
I've never been there so I can't tell you anything more than this.	
	Unfortunately, Salem is about as far from Twin Peaks as anything
in the U.S. so it probably won't fit into the show.

> >suggested.  Also, if I remember rightly, the drawings of the two humanoid
> >figures are so different in size that I wouldn't hesitate for long before
> >calling them a dwarf and a giant!  (Also keep in mind that there are some
	The only problem here is that the two figures are standing next
to each other and the dwarf and giant are probably on "opposite sides 
of the lodge."  Maybe they're a parent-child couple, i.e. BOB/Laura?

> >Now, if only I could make out the *rest* of the picture.  It was pretty
> >hopeless though, and even worse on my lousy freeze-frame.
	Of course, this whole map thing will probably turn out to be
Lucy playing with the new computer at the station and saying to 
Andy, things like, "This is you and I standing by the waterfall... and
there's the sun... It's a sunny day, you know.  I know it's been raining
a lot here in Twin Peaks but I thought a sunny day would be a better picture.
Actually, Chip Forester, the weatherman, not the one on channel
4 but the one on channel 7, you know the one that makes those weird
noises when he talks... Anyway, he said that the rain would clear
up soon so maybe we could go on a picnic soon Andy? ... ANDY?!" [and so on]