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Subject: Re: The 4/4 Episode - SPOILERS
Date: 1991-04-08, 12:17

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> >* I can't believe that Cooper & Co. just left the cave after
> >discovering that stone handle.  Surely they would have been a LITTLE

I can't believe it either.

> >curious after all that had just happened!  And Cooper did say "Who
> >knows where this will lead us?" implying that he wanted to
> >investigate.  Maybe they did, and we just didn't get to see it.  But I
> >doubt it, since when WE got there everything was still normal.  I
> >thought the closing scene (with pieces of rock falling all around)
> >looked kind of like a stone version of the waterfall.
> >
> >* So now we have 4 possibilities for the chess queen: Donna, Audrey,
> >Shelley, and whoever wins Miss Twin Peaks.  I wonder why Earle needs 4
> >to choose from, instead of just picking 1 from the start?  Also, is he

He needs 4 for :-) obvious reasons given the playing card metaphor. I suspect
he picked only 3 to begin with because there were 3 obvious candidates at the
time this motif was introduced. The obvious candidate for numero quatro is
Annie. She is also the obvious candidate for final selection given the romance
developing between her and Cooper.
Apparently WE is doing all he can to encourage the 4 to enter the contest and
will probably rig the outcome if he wants to.

> >choosing HIS queen or Cooper's queen?  Or maybe, Miss Twin Peaks will
> >be WE's queen while Cooper's will either be Donna, Audrey, or Shelley.
> >
> >* A prediction based on the scenes from next week: Windom will go
> >ahead and capture Cooper's pawn, even though he would have to give up
> >his bishop (with the mood he's in now, I don't think he really cares.) 
> >I think he'll have Leo to do the killing for him.  Leo's probably his
> >bishop.  He will have Leo write Cooper a note about the chess game. 
> >Cooper will somehow suspect that it is Leo's writing, and will
> >subsequently realize that Leo is with WE.  Cooper might even decide
> >NOT to take WE's bishop after the above move, because he doesn't want
> >anyone (even Leo) to die.
> >
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> >Kenneth Bays

WE did seem to be losing it, so the idea that he would in effect sacrifice his
bishop for a pawn is not out of the question. Also, nothing they have done so
far with the chess thing has made any chess sense since the capture of the

The 4 Queens aspect seems to be picking up steam over the chess deal even
though they have tied them together. With that in mind, two observations.
1. Audrey was dressed up like a playing card, the Queen of Hearts (?), when she
was in One Eyed Jacks waiting for Mr. Big who turned out to be her dear old
2. I believe there was a 50s movie featuring someone like Clark Gable that had
four women and a promotional gimic like a king (Gable was known as the King of
Hollywood at the time) and 4 queens. I seem to recall it was a western, but I
could be wrong.