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Subject: Re: TP Soundtrack
From: (Kevin Yasuo Kawado)
Date: 1991-04-08, 11:18
Reply-to: (Kevin Yasuo Kawado)

In article <> (MattBrockman) writes:
> >In article <> (The Minister) writes:
>> >>I don't know if anyone else has posted this information, but I have heard that
>> >>the TP soundtrack recently went platinum (1,000,000 in sales).
>> >>
> >I always thought that 1,000,000 == Gold while
> >		      5,000,000 == Platinum
> >
> >Is the 1,000,000 figure true?
> >

Nope...In the United States, a gold record signifies the sale of
500,000 records while a platinum album signifies the sale of
1,000,000.  This is different all of over the world since it is
much easier to sell a million albums in the US verses a smaller
populated nation such as the UK.

I personally think the US record industry should raise the number
of records required for gold and platinum albums to Matt's figures
as it would make platinum albums "rarer".  After all, there are people
like Vanilla Ice and New Kids On The Block earning 8 platinum
albums.  (Although I find it very hard to believe that there are
8 million people out there that find either of those two groups
appealing...If I had some extra money, those are the albums I'd
buy to experiment with CD scratches or some other stuff that I
wouldn't dare try on a real CD.  They also make good shot targets :-) ).

Anyway, this is probably not a good topic to be discussing on since it has almost nothing to do with Twin
Peaks.  I also wouldn't doubt that the TP Soundtrack has gone
platinum since it's been on the charts for the longest time.

On another topic, has anyone seen "The Industrial Symphony" (or
something like that) by Lynch, Cruise and the composer who's name
I won't even try to mutilate :-) ?  A friend and I saw it at a
video store, but I haven't heard much about it.  I think I'll
probably go down and rent it sometime soon.  Wild at Heart finally
came out on video, too.

Well, enough babbling for today.

=K=		"Won't somebody stop me from thinking all the time"
Kevin Kawado				-Morrissey
UC Irvine