Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: about my next _Gazette_ article
From: (Fiona Oceanstar)
Date: 1991-04-09, 05:15

After making me blush with a compliment, David Coufal asks:
> >Would Fiona like to enlighten us on the subject of her new article?

Well, sure.  I didn't want to say much about it until it was 
finished, but now that it's sitting in the _Gazette_ editorial 
offices in wherever-it-is, California--hopefully being accepted
for publication (cross your fingers for me)--I do feel emboldened.

This one isn't nonfiction, and isn't about TP fandom.  Instead, it's
a humble effort to write a little story that is set in the Twin Peaks
cosmos.  The philosophy behind the _Gazette_, as you may already have
surmised, is to print two kinds of pieces: 1) "behind the fourth wall"
articles--about fans, stars, COOP news, etc., and 2) "virtual reality"
pieces (don't ask me--I didn't invent these terms (-:) which are,
essentially, fiction.  Fiction about Twin Peaks, about people who live
in the town (e.g., the _Gazette_ readers).

My story is about a visiting novelist named Fiona Oceanstar (what a
dumb pen name--she must be a real dippy person...) who rents a summer
cabin in Twin Peaks in order to get inspiration for her latest book.
One night she takes her laptop out into the woods, under a full moon,
in order to write some spooky atmospheric prose, and... well let's
just say she has a very *strange* experience.

As I said, I don't know if it's accepted yet--and may yet require
some revision--but I promise I'll post it to the newsgroup as soon as
I know, one way or the other.  I really *encourage* all of y'all to
try your hand at this stuff!  From the quality of what's been posted
to the newsgroup over the last year or so, I'd say we have plenty
of stories to tell.  And if Coufal thinks my article on a.t.t-p was
the best thing in the latest issue, well *OBVIOUSLY*, I need some
competition already!  :-)

Go for it.