Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: the 4/4 episode
Date: 1991-04-09, 03:25

 (Scott Johnson) writes:
     >> I thought it was great to see them all laughing, even if it was a
     >> little sappy.  I think Mr. UN040377@WVNVAXA.WVNET.EDU hates the idea
     >> that this show might be a soap opera. 

No, I don't.  I just think that any scene that goes on as long as that one
in the diner did can't help but become tiring.  My real objections to this
episode were 1) the BIG continuity error with Coop's tattoo drawings, and
2) the cheesy cave scene.  The cave scene was just about the least subtle
thing TP has done, and I really can't explain what I mean by "subtle"; the
mood was just different.  Neither of these things have anything to do with being
soap opera-ish.
Twin Peaks is still a great show.  I just didn't care for some of the things
in this particular episode.

I rather like the Ben-Mrs. Hayward connection.  My money's still on my theory
that Ben is both Donna's and Laura's real father.

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