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Subject: Re: The Twin Peaks chess game
From: ajd@meadow.uucp (Antony Davies)
Date: 1991-04-09, 14:36
Reply-to: ajd@meadow.UUCP (Antony Davies)

In article <> (Elliott C Winslow) writes:
> >The previous reference thought he had seen this story line before.
> >Indeed, more than once.  The main reference has to be Kurt Vonnegut,
> >and I think it's in _Welcome to the Monkey House_, but I'm not sure.
> >The more recent reference is a Mr. David K. Mellott in the April 1990
I remember seeing an episode of 'Land of the Giants' (which aired as re-runs in
the early '70s, I don't know when they were produced) in which the 'little'
people were tied to chess pieces (belonging to the giants) and a giant played
against one of the 'little' people (the boy with the dog I believe), and yes
you guessed it, for each piece the boy lost, the person attached to it was
killed. Funny, I don't remember to outcome of the game or the episode.
chow, antony.