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Subject: Re: The pattern Cooper made
From: rosimcg@OAVAX.CSUCHICO.EDU (Rosi McGillivray)
Date: 1991-04-10, 12:55
Reply-to: rosimcg@OAVAX.CSUCHICO.EDU

In article <>, (Fiona Oceanstar) writes:
>> >>I really like Luther's ideas about the owl-cave pattern:
>> >>it does indeed resemble a bird in flight with flames spurting
> >>from its ass.  :-)  
stuff deleted
> >
>> >>Hey.  Maybe he got those extra three triangles from the ones on 
>> >>Leo's hand.
> >
>> >>Remember?  In the January 26th episode?
> >
> >	


Actually, it seems to me that the "bird in flight with flames spurting
from its ass" is the stylized Amerind drawing of the Phoenix, which,
as we all know, dies in flames, only to rise again therefrom.->immortality.
And, for those of you who are concerned about the triangles becoming
diamonds, well, it seems to me that Coop was just doodling with the
figures and made something which was recognizable, and Annie knew.
Anyway, I find the whole TP emphasis on birds verrry interesting.
What say you?


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