Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: The Twin Peaks chess game
From: (Muffy Barkocy)
Date: 1991-04-10, 12:03

In article <1991Apr9.213632.12768@meadow.uucp> ajd@meadow.uucp (Antony Davies) writes:
   In article <> (Elliott C Winslow) writes:
   >The previous reference thought he had seen this story line before.
   >Indeed, more than once.  The main reference has to be Kurt Vonnegut,
   >and I think it's in _Welcome to the Monkey House_, but I'm not sure.
   >The more recent reference is a Mr. David K. Mellott in the April 1990
   I remember seeing an episode of 'Land of the Giants' [...]

There is an Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars book, "The Chessmen of Mars,"
where the chess game (called "jetan" on Mars) is played with living
people.  Rather than just killing the person whose square is taken,
however, the two pieces fight (with swords) until one is killed.  The
other gets the square.